Tuesday, 2 March 2010


Welcome to the New Official Blog of Toku-Justice, an art group on deviantart dedicated to artwork based on the wonderful world of tokusatsu. This blog is here pretty much because we don't have the money to afford the group subscription, so we though a blog would be better to post news and updates on the toku world.

Through this blog we'll be able to bring you all the latest news and rumours as well as reviews of toku-related goods.
At the moment only Zix and I are the only contributors to this blog but if you have any articles or news you'd like to submit, or would like to help with the blog with posting articles and what not feel free to drop us a note via the club page or email me at shadow_scythe@hotmail.co.uk.

So to start things off I have some pretty interesting news for your ultraman fans.

Both images courtesy of Ryoutarou from Henshin Justice Unlimited Forums

The first image confirms that Ultraman will be getting three series, it translates roughly as so:

Ultraman Zero - 26 episodes
Ultra Galaxy WARS - 26 episodes
M78: nBelial STORY - 4 episodes

The second image as far as I can tell is saying the opening for one of these shows (presumably ZERO) will be done by toshinki which I think is also known as TVXQ. The ED of the same show will be done by BACK-ON famed for the first ending to Keitai Sosakan 7 and the opening for WARS will be done by Coming Century.

This is fantastic news for ultraman fans who have long gone without a proper ultra series. And may actually get me into ultraman as I adore the design of Zero.